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Abrasives enterprises wary of six kinds of means of fraud (classic case)

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2018/04/02 12:56
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  A Shandong man Shimou, the purchasing agent of corundum block and corundum sand as bait, cheated Henan corundum production enterprises about 1000000 yuan worth of goods. Recently, the police after three months of careful investigation, successfully cracked the contract fraud, the suspect was eventually arrested in Nanjing airport.

  Million business visits

  Unexpectedly, it was a hoax

  In 2012 September, a Shandong man came to a corundum enterprise in Henan. He claims to be the name of history, is a Shandong Linyi Junan Abrasives factory, and would like to purchase agent of the company's Corundum blocks, corundum sand, but also to relatively large volume. See the national abrasives, abrasives centralized enterprises to come to talk about business, to volume of goods is relatively large, the company is very happy.

  After several negotiations, Shi in the name of manufacturers, and the company signed about 1000000 yuan of corundum block agent sales contract, corundum sand sales contract. After signing the contract, the company immediately organized the production, and within a week, in a number of batches of goods sent to Shandong.

  What the company didn't expect, however, was that the business was a conspiracy from the start. When the company will be the first batch of goods issued, they began to ask the other party to pay the contract, but in the face of the company's request, Shi is not to answer the phone, is to find a variety of reasons to push and pull payments. When the company finished all the goods and paid only $300 thousand, it disappeared without a trace.

  Later, the company found out that he might be duped. So, they sent to contact with Shimou, sent to Junan County on the side to understand the situation, found that Shimou sell on receipt of the goods, payment made after survey.

  Three months of careful investigation

  The suspect was caught at the airport

  To see a hopeless, in September 18, 2013, the company responsible person rushed to the police station investigation team report.

  After receiving the report, the police immediately filed the case investigation, has sent people to Junan investigation. After the transfer of the relevant documentary evidence and carefully inquired about the witnesses, the police found: 2012 September, Shimou for the return of personal debt, signed a contract in the name of the manufacturers and cheated, received each other to provide 172.41 tons of corundum corundum block, 81 tons of goods worth about 1000000 yuan. Shi in the payment of 300 thousand yuan after payment, disappeared in October of the same year, apparently in malicious fraud.

  The case is basically clear, but it will not be easy to find the suspect. As a result of premeditated premeditated, after the incident has been hiding whereabouts. How to do so? The police decided to expand the scope of investigation and intensify the pursuit of evasion. The economic investigation team sent Junan County side repeatedly went to work around the history of an activity in Nanjing, Chengdu and other places to collect clues, investigation, and Shandong contact with the local police to arrest suspects, and carry out online pursuit.

  Continued efforts by the police, in November 12th this year, the good news came, the suspect was arrested in a history of Nanjing airport.

  Bow before the evidence

  Escape the punishment of the law

  In the face of a large number of evidence, the suspect, a history truthfully confessed his illegal possession as the purpose, and in the process of signing the contract with the deceived, the crime of defrauding its purchase price of about 1000000 yuan.

  Upon the approval of the people's Procuratorate, the criminal suspect has been arrested. At present, the case has been transferred to the prosecution to review the prosecution.

  Six kinds of contract fraud means to be vigilant

  1.: the uterus "decoration information" fictional and false evidence does not exist in the unit, or forged identity, fraudulent use of the name of others in the contract after obtaining money away.

  2. a "empty": the purchase and sale of products, the fictitious investment cooperation project, and other names lie to sign the contract for accepting the payment of goods, payment, prepaid or guaranteed property after the rapid escape.

  3. "programses" echoed each other: first publication of false advertising, fictitious state administrative organs, state-owned enterprises, units or well-known enterprises such as signs, with tight and unsalable goods as bait by purchasing certain items to a party, and the other side can provide the goods to play double reed "to carry out a series of fraud.

  4.. The "Karate": false propaganda exaggerated their own economic strength, with forged, invalid negotiable instruments or other false property right certificates, false land use permits, housing ownership certificates and other collateral, to induce the other party to trust, then use the economic contract fraud money.

  The first 5. homes after taking "Fishing law": this did not actually perform the ability to perform first small contract or part of the contract, to cheat the other party believe, and with the signing amount larger contract fraud to large amounts of money to be disappeared immediately after.

  6. high into a low "lianhuantao": first at the signing of the purchase contract and deliver small deposit or to pay a small part of the money, cheat trust each other to get all the goods quickly after large quantities of goods dumping run.

  Therefore, before signing a contract, the majority of enterprises must seriously examine each other's true identity and the other's ability to perform. At the time of signing the contract, the terms of the contract should be strictly reviewed, and it is better to consult a professional lawyer.