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The second three must be missed.

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2018/04/02 13:19
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  November 12th (November 12th), the second China (Zhengzhou) International abrasive grinding show will be opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition preparation work and the exhibition work of all the exhibitors all enter the final sprint stage. At the same time, a series of grinders and abrasives industry will be opened during the three mill exhibition.

  The sixth Zhengzhou International Symposium on super hard materials and products and the 50th anniversary congress celebrating the birth of artificial diamond in China will be held in the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on 14~16 November. The Zhengzhou International Symposium on super hard materials and products is held in Zhengzhou every five years. It is the largest international event in the super hard material industry and the most influential event. Li Zhihong, the Secretary General of the super hard materials Association, will make a theme "50 years of glory" in the opening ceremony of the conference, and will officially open the celebration of the glorious fifty years of China's super hard material industry.

  In order to celebrate the brilliant achievements of China's superhard material industry in the past fifty years, this conference specially printed and published the papers of Chinese edition and English edition. It focuses on the application of scientific and technological achievements and related products in different fields at home and abroad. In addition, China's super hard material industry fifty years has been published for celebrating the birth of China's artificial diamond 50th anniversary. The book will become an important landmark in China's superhard material industry.

  For details, please refer to the following link:

  1, about the sixth Zhengzhou International Conference on superhard materials and products and the 50th anniversary conference to celebrate the birth of artificial diamond in China.

  The 2 and sixth Zhengzhou International Conference on superhard materials and products.

  The 3 and Sixth International Conference on Superhard seminars will be published soon.

  4, "China's super hard material industry brilliant fifty years" topic.

  On November 16th and 17, the "first sand belt grinding technology and Equipment International Forum (IFBGTE2016)" co hosted by the China Machine Tool Industry Association, which was co hosted by the grinding tool branch, Chongqing University and Henan University of Technology, was held in the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the forum is "speeding up the docking of manufacturing and application, promoting the transition and upgrading of the abrasive belt grinding industry", from a number of industry experts from several countries and regions of the San Gobain NORTON sand belt and the German VSM sand belt to make a special report. The report of this forum will mainly focus on: (1) the latest research trends at home and abroad and the future research direction of sand belt grinding technology, promote the integration of sand belt grinding technology and other disciplines, and promote the technical basic research of the grinding mechanism of sand belt; (two) the common problems encountered in the grinding process of metal plates, tubes, bars, containers and complex surfaces in the process of abrasive belt grinding, In order to solve the common problems in the application process of abrasive belt grinding technology, the application scope of sand belt grinding technology is expanded; (three) the latest research results of sand belt grinder (mainly metal grinding object) and sand belt are presented to provide more information sources for sand belt grinding users.

  For details, please refer to the following links: 2016 International Forum of abrasive belt grinding technology and equipment.

  In 2016, the general assembly of Tu Fu Abrasives branch will be held in Zhengzhou Xinhua Jianguo Hotel on November 14th morning. The conference will consider documents such as the report on the work of the eight session of the Council, the financial report and so on; the nine session of the Council, the executive director, the deputy director and the director of the committee will be elected. On the afternoon of 14, we held the conference on industry information exchange, and exchanged and promoted the excellent raw materials, equipment and products.

  For details, please refer to the following links: the 2016 conference of the coated abrasives branch.

  The 2016 autumn national abrasive tool industry information exchange and the fifty-eighth China corundum silicon carbide Fair will be held in Songshan Hotel, Zhengzhou, on -17 November 13th. Zhou Jinlong, a senior consultant on abrasive grinding tools, will report on the special topic of the conference: report on the economic operation of the abrasive and abrasive industry in 2016, and the report on the current national economic situation by the experts. Corundum and silicon carbide group: discuss the admittance of corundum, silicon carbide industry and implementation rules; grinding tool group: report person: the general manager of Tai Er adhesive (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and the national subject report: "common problems and solutions in the production of resin Abrasives". Corundum silicon carbide industry has entered the period of adjustment and development. The industry is looking for a broader development prospect through discussion and demonstration.

  For details, please refer to the following links: 2016 autumn, the agenda of the national abrasives industry conference.

  In addition, during the second three grinding exhibition, the German cutter grinding Association will organize the Sino German grinding technology exchange meeting with China (Zhengzhou) International abrasive grinding exhibition, focusing on German grinding technology, the German Association and the 2017 German grinding exhibition, and the China Machine Tool Industry Association will also hold the corundum smelting technology Symposium. Further activate the technical exchange of the exhibition.

  During the exhibition, many famous enterprises at home and abroad will carefully create new product launches, focusing on the enterprises' expertise. Shandong St. spring chemical industry Limited by Share Ltd's new high performance abrasive abrasive with phenolic resin; the new product of Sichuan three county solid Rui Industrial Co., Ltd. - the one body sand cloth market; the use and development of the phenolic resin and net of the resin chip / grinding wheel automatic molding machine of Zhuhai bond synthetic Material Co., Ltd. and the further talk on the Luo Dexin Material Co., Ltd. of Shanghai How to improve the sharpness of the abrasive tools and so on.

  During the exhibition, multiple industrial parks will be held in a hot way, focusing on introducing park policies and attracting investment. Including the Zhecheng industrial agglomeration area of the national super hard materials and products high-tech industrialization base promotion conference and the Xingyang Municipal People's Government of the Zhengzhou city new material industry park promotion conference.